Chance of H1B denial appeal - moved from AAO to USCIS Originating Office

Hello All, Last year my H1 got picked and got RFE then my employer as responded to my RFE in August, later they denied the H1. Then my employer has filled the Petition (MTR) in the Month of November 2019 after the long wait on July 17 my employer has got the mail saying that the Case was being Relocated from the AAO to USCIS Originating Office.
Here i had couple of questions what is the chance of getting it Approved.
Did anyone faced similar issue in your case?

Chances of approval depend on why it was denied in first place and what your employer has responded with.

There is no one standard stick to guess approval/denial chances.

Hello Anil,

My previous RFE is bit critical they asked the company which i am working has advertise for this position they need 5 years of experience but i have only 2 years so how come you are eligible?