Chance of Invite for 190 in 261313 for 85 points or 90 points

Hi Anil,
what are the timelines for getting an invite for 190 PR with code 261313 for 85 points ,also I will be the spouse of the primary applicant so can I add my PTE and skill assessment points after my husband files for PR. Thanks in advance!

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If the primary applicant is claiming any points for spouse competent English & skilled occupation, they need to have that when they file their EOI. On the basis of that only, the total points will be calculated by skillselect and invite will be send out by State/DHA.
Also, nobody can predict the invitations seeing DHA has been so inconsistent with their invitation rounds. BTW does the primary applicant has 85 points for 190 with or without State sponsorship points?

Hi Pooja,
Thank you for responding, I understand we can claim points only if the assessment and PTE is completed before filing. I wanted to know if we can file with his existing points now and update the application once I get my skills assessed. Will that extra points gets updated and help get the invite sooner.

Yes, you can always update your EOI but whenever the EOI is updated and if there is any change in points, then your D.O.E will also change. So, you can now file EOI with his existing points and can later update it with spouse skills & PTE results. Also, whenever the D.OE is changed, it’s just like going back on the last spot of the queue for that point.

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Thanks Pooja for your quick reply

Hi pooja, primary applicant has 85 points including state sponsorship , wht could be the chances for 190?
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Hi Siduja,

Nothing can be said for 190 since states don’t share the data. Also, for 190, job codes along with points are given preference. You first need to see in which all states you can apply as per the job code. RN with 85+5 points are being invited by VIC & NSW whereas I have a friend with same points whose job code falls under the pro-rata occupations is still waiting for an invite from VIC. So, nothing can be said.You will have to apply and wait.