Chance of invite for ANZSCO code 261111 - ICT Business Analyst

Hi Anil,

I’ve submitted EOI on 04 April for the above with 75 points for 189 and 80 points for 190. By when can I expect an invite?

Thanks, Mithun

There is a waiting period of about 4-5 months for ICT business Analyst at this time with 75 points.

Hello Anil, I’ve got invite from NSW for 190 a week ago. I was wondering on what the chances were tog et an invite for 189.

Chances of 189 are low till July 2019 draw.

Hello Anil,

I’ve gone ahead with NSW 190. I’ve paid the fees on 01 July. Submitted all documents, including PCC and Medical. By when can I expect case officer assessment/approval?

Thanks, Mithun

Hi @Mithun_Ivalkar

Its taking anywhere between 4 to 6 months to get a direct grant at this time.

Hello Anil,
Thank you for swift response. I’ve some other queries but I need to ask them privately to you, how do I do it on this forum?

Hi @Mithun_Ivalkar

Private consultation is not free. If you are interested in paid consultation, send me a private message.

Hello Anil,

What are my chances to get an ITA with a score of 80 (for Subclass 189) and score of 85( for Subclass 190 for Victoria) for ICT business Analyst. I have applied the EOI on july 2019. Also what would be the wait time for the same for each categories?


Hi @Ganguly

You have good chance of invite in August 2019 draw for Business Analyst with 80 points.

Thanks Anil for quick response. I have one further query as below:

Since i am applying for both Subclass 189 and Subclass 190, Is there a chance that i could get multiple invites. Also in case i get both then which one of those would stand valid. I mean if i get a Subclass 190 and Subclass 189 then would there be a case where the Subclass 189 would be superseded by the Subclass 190 by any chance?

Hi @Ganguly

You can get multiple invites but can only submit one application. You can decide which one you want to continue with.

Hi Anil,
I have submitted my EOI for 189 with 75 points and 190 with 80 points(Victoria) on 26th July for ICT Business Analyst. What are the chances for getting an invite ??


Hi @Imtiaz009

You may get 189 invite by Nov 2019 with 75 points.
We do not have data about Victoria at this time.

I am applying with my spouse and we both are applying for 261111 (Business Analyst). Current score is 70. Going to submit EoI in couple of days. What are the chances of getting an invite for 189 visa? Also as new rules are going to be effective from 16th November 2019. What will be the effect on existing applications?

Hi @pushkar

Chances of invite with 70 points are low for Business Analyst at this time. I suggest to increase your points to 75 to have any realistic chance of invite.

You will get an extra 5 point in November though if you are claiming spouse points now.

I have given my analysis of November 2019 changes here:

Hi Anil,
Can I have your contact number or email ID to ask more specific questions related to my case?

Hi @Ran

Private consultation is not free. If you are interested for paid consultation, you can send a private message or contact here.

Hi Anil,
How much is the fee for private consultation?

Moreover, I am not able to find your contact details.

Kindly share your mobile no or email ID.


Hi @Ran

Did you send your email address using the contact form link we shared earlier?

Did you mention what you are looking for on the contact form?

Please send it again of you have not done so. Our team will contact you with details on your email that you share on the contact form.