Chance of Invite for Software Testers 261314 in 2020

Hi @urakeshjain

Please read this

Hello Sunder,

No update yet for our EOI. The point is 85+5 now. Not sure when the luck would hit :slight_smile:.

Hello Rakesh,

This occupation 261314 is not available under skilled occupation list for SC189. (Skilled occupation list).

Hi @ratheeshpd,

261314 is under legislation list: Migration (LIN 19/051: Specification of Occupations and Assessing Authorities) Instrument 2019 .

Please share the exact link to check all the codes.

Thank you.

Hello Rakesh,

The link you shared above clearly says 189 is for “Medium and Long‑term Strategic Skills List”. But Software Tester occupation is under “Short‑term Skilled Occupation List”. You may go through the link again for more info.

Hi @ratheeshpd,

Thank you, yeah I got in under legislative link under section 1-a.

But I couldn’t find it under Skilled occupation list.

Please share the exact link.

And if my code is valid under subclass 190, then how to apply under 190, if I don’t have an offer.


Hello Rakesh,

I don’t have any direct link with me right now. You may search for your code under anzscosearch website. It also gives you more info where your job code fits.

Hi Ratheesh,

Why there is no information related to SC190 in the Immigration site. Does it means there is no pickups for this code since november?

Also, my points is now 85, is it suggestible to apply for the EOI with this point for SC190 as Software Tester.

Advices are always welcome.

Thanks in Advance.

Sunder Rajan

Thank you for helping out.

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Hello Sunder,

Looks like nothing is happening for 85+5 points too. Waiting with this score almost 2 months. Before that, it was 85 from November. Let’s hope things would improve after few weeks !

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Hi @nitinkhanna53

Read this:

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Hi. I am suitable for below codes. Can someone tell me which one get more chance to be selected for 190?

263211(ICT QA Engineer)
261314(Software Tester)
263313(System Test Engineer)

Hello Janitha,

I don’t recommend to go for Software Tester and System Test Engineer. We’re waiting since last year with 90 point for SC190. I’m not sure about QA Engineer chance.

Thanks, Ratheesh P D.


Thanks a lot for your updates.

How about the chance for 491?

And how about the chance for Software Engineer compared to Software Tester for 190?


Hi @Janitha_Hetti,

Software Engineer has better chance than Tester. Also heard recently not much invitations for Tester from Victoria. But in the last time occupations opened for QLD, Tester was there; but not Software Engineer. But this is just my opinion; you may study the trend and decide.

Thanks, Ratheesh P D.

Thanks. Are u evaluated under Software tester or software engineer?

I’ve done for System Test Engineer and my wife for Software Tester.