Chance of invite in 2020 for ANZSCO code 261111 - ICT Business Analyst

If you can get a work permit and work, then it would work.

Hi Anil,

I have lodged my revised EOI in the month of Dec 2019 and I have 80 points under 190 sub class for Victoria region. Please let me know what are the chances of getting PR.


How long does it takes to get invite for ICT business analyst with 80 points and can v apply for visa 190 in NSW to claim 5 points extra

Hi @nfnasrin87 and @Ramkumar_Modi

Chances are low for an invite with 80 points as per current trend.

I suggest to try and increase points to at-least 85 to have any realistic chance in 2020.

Hi Anil,

I have couple of questions

  1. What are the chances of Invite for 75 points ICT - Business Analyst (EOI - 23 oct 2019) and 80 points for VIC
  2. I think PTE is valid only for one year - if the invite doesn’t come within one year, should we be redoing the PTE, till the invite is received or once the invite is received.


Hi @gbsmaniam

Unfortunately, chance of invite is low with 75 points.

You will need to get new PTE report if current one expires before you lodge application.

@Anil.Gupta - Thank you for your feedback so far. I have received my ACS assessment and I think it is as per expectations. Here is the image for your reference.

I would also like to know your opinion on what is the waiting period for EOI invitation with 85-90 points for ICT Business Analyst if I submit EOI by end of march 2020.


Hi @raj.gupta

85-90 points have good chance of invite.

Hi Anil,

Any comment for ICT Business Analyst in March 2020.

I have lodged my application in September 2019 with 85 points under 189 & 90 Points under VIC & NSW.

@Anil.Gupta Hi Anil, I submitted my. EOI in Jan’20 for ICT Business Analyst for 180 at 80 points & 190 NSW at 85 points.

I am working as a Business Analyst since 1.3 years in NSW. What are the chances of getting an invite?

Hi @sahib and @tanvipul

Chances of invite are good with 85 points and low with 80 points as per current trend.

I do not have any estimate with respect to time though. It all depends on Australia immigration as they chance the number invites almost every other month.

Hi @Anil.Gupta, I have updated my EOI to 85/90 points on 11th March 2020. As per the current trends what should be my expectation on the invite?

Hi Anil
I have submitted two EOI with 90 points one is with ICT Business Analyst with D.O.E is 17/03/2020. and second one with Software and application programmer nec. 261399 d.o.e is 03/04/2020. I also submitted two EO1 with 105 points for 491 family sponsored with above occupations. I just want to take your advise will I get the 189 invitation in this round or not.


Karanbir Singh

You have good chance of invitation with 90 points.

Now you have 90 points for Business Analyst ? if they will give 1500 invitations then u ll get ur invitation.

Are there any realist expectations to receive an invite for business analyst with 85 pts for 190 visa (offshore) for NSW and VIC especially based on the current situation related to COVID - 19 which MAY result in slow processing or not giving invites till the situation is under control. MY DOE is 23rd Mar’20. Also, in how many months should I expect an invite?.

Dear Anil & experts,

Thanks for your efforts in clarifying forum queries.

I have lodged my EOI for 189 (85 points) and 190 (NSW 90 points) on 14th Apr 20 under 261111.
English: Superior & skills assessment : 15points.

My questions are:

a) The recent trend shows a 90point cut off - do you think, I have a realistic chance in this year to get an invite with my scores above under 189?

b) I have read that NSW doesn’t roll out invite if we don’t have a NSW experience - do you agree to this view that NSW doesn’t roll out at all for non-NSW experience candidates?

c) If NSW is a no - then do you suggest I give it a shot for Victoria - which can give a fair chance?

Thank you in advance.


Hi @Pradeeps

NSW has officially declared for some occupation codes that they won’t invite until the person has NSW experience and is currently living in NSW.

Chances are fair for 85 points but nothing can be said as points requirements are not coming down from 90.

Do apply with all states to increase your chances.

Thank you @Anil.Gupta… Am an offshore applicant with 95points (by May2020). Also have 15 points for skill assessment and 20points for English assessment. I’ll perhaps lose out on points for age by next year April21.

Do you see a chance of me getting an invite from Victoria during 2020 with 95 points given ongoing issues - Your take on my case please?

Hi guys,
I have applied for ICT Business Analyst for Victoria under 190 with 80 points.
ACS deducted a lot of work experience from my total of 7 and considered only 3 years
I wanted to know if Victoria state nomination will consider my overall work experience of 7 years [ or ACS work ex of 3 years]
I read somewhere that Victoria needs 5 years workex to consider for state nomination.