Chance of invite in 2021 for ANZSCO code 261111 - ICT Business Analyst

Discuss the chance of invite for ICT business analyst 261111 in 2021.

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I am waiting for the invite for ICT BA 261111 with 90 points - 189 and 95 points NSW 190.
DOE - 13/10/2020
Onshore Application.
Experience in the relevant field in NSW - 7.5 years.
PTE - 20 Points
NAATI- 5 Points
What are the chances of getting an invitation from NSW?

Good chance for 190. You might get in 6 to 9 months.

@anil_am22 @PR_Aspirant & Other Experts

My EOI Application was submitted in Oct 2020
I have 80 point in 189 category (261111 ICT Business Analyst)
and waiting to apply in 190 category once it opens. I am an offshore applicant.

Please suggest if I have any chance in 189, 190 or 491
If yes, then how long can it take. Thanks.

Hi all, I am at 90 (85+5) points as of today (onshore, NSW), with superior English and NAATI points included. What is the expected timeline for my case? Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Hi, what are the chances of getting an invite for 85 points - 190 visa? EOI was lodged last Nov 2020 for ICT Business Analyst.

Hi, have you been invited now? How long did it take?