Chance of invite in 2021for ANZESCO code 261313 - software engineer

Hi, i have 95 points for 189 in software engineer. When can i expect my invitation. Please give me some idea. Thanks

If onshore, then you can expect an invite in the next 1-2 rounds for 189. I hope you are aware that DHA will be having quarterly round instead of monthly for the rest of this financial year.
For 190, you will have 100 points which is good enough to secure an invite if onshore.

If offshore, you might have to wait as DHA and states wont be inviting offshore individuals (for now) as stated by them and evidenced by the last few rounds.

Thanks negi for your valuable information. I am onshore, and if i just want to know how many EOIs are infront of me with 95 and 100 points. How can i know that. Thanks once again.

You can request the number of EOIs submitted for your code with 95/100 points by requesting a FOI. You need to send an email at with your request and the department will get back to you with numbers within 20-30 days.

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Thankyou pooja for your wonderful information. I will definitely contact them. Thanks once again.