Chances for Purchase Manager with 70 points under 190

Hi @Anil.Gupta I wanted to know what are my chances for invitation with 70 points inclusive of Partners points and excluding my IELTS points with my job code as 133612 PURCHASE MANAGER under 190 subclass visa. I can try to work to get 70+10 post IELTS.
shall I go ahead with my EOI application for Australia, your suggestion would be highly appreciated.



Hello Priyanka,

Without English points, you can’t submit EOI if you’re primary.

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thanks for your response. so if I improve my score and get additional 10 points which makes total as 80 are there any chances as of now I am on 7 band overall. not individual.



Hi @Priyankasharma

The points requirement changes every month and its not possible to estimate anything.

If you are serious about filing PR, then you should try your best with maximum points that you can get.

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Hi @Anil.Gupta

Thanks for your revert. Any rough idea bases past draws for State Nominations for Tasmania and NSW etc on my ANZ Code.

Hi @Priyankasharma

States do not share their invite data publicly and hence nothing is available.