Chances of invite for 190 visa for NSW on Software Tester role

Hi All,

Current Situation:
My wife and myself are in Sydney and both working.We are on 482 visa (My visa is on ICT Support Engineer, wife is working as dependent)
We have received ACS letters for ICT Support Engineer (myself) and Software Tester (my wife), both are STSOL occupations.


  1. Is it worth to re-apply for ACS and this time with ‘Developer Programmer’ occupation (MLTSSL) to increase our chances of invite.Our occupations were closely coupled with Developer programmer role in past, OR Should I proceed with current assessment.
    Please note that my current 482 visa is on ICT Support Engineer, so is there any chance of enquiry in future, if I go with Developer programmer

  2. Is there any way to find out if NSW sent any invites recently for Software Tester.Would be good to know if any invite is coming in this category.