Chances of invite for 232411 with 65 points

Hello Anil,

My Anzsco code is 232411.

Can I apply for 190 visa with 65 (60+5) points?
And which state is suitable with 65 points?


You can apply for Australia PR. I am not sure which state is suitable for Graphic designer.

I think people do wear fashionable clothes in every state. So, you can file with every state and then choose whoever sends you an invite.

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Thanks Anil for your valuable response. :slight_smile:

Hi All,

I am yet to apply for PR but wanted to know is there any chance for my profession?

I have 13 years experience in design services and currently working with one of the Big 4 as a manager.

My consultant reviewed my profile and mentioned that i am getting 70 points. I am yet to give my IELTS / PTE test.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Mayank,

I’m not sure if your consultant calculated the total score (70) with or without English test results. If not, then try to get superior score for IELTS/PTE which will give you 20 points and will increase your total points to 90 and for 189 PR Visa, it is a good score. If you apply for 190, you will get another +5 points for State Sponsorship. But you need to see for which all states your job code is eligible for 190. I’m guessing you are offshore, so that might make you ineligible for a few states because currently most of the states have an additional criteria of being onshore/having onshore exp in nominated occupation.

All the best! :slight_smile: