Change of Employer (for H1B holder) question on new H4 EAD application as it is still under process USCIS with


I am currently on H1B and just accepted a new offer. My new employer is starting with the process of transferring H1B and also H4 for my dependent.

I have an approved I140 through my current employer and I had recently applied ( 2 months ago) for H4 EAD for my spouse. The H4 EAD is still under processing with USCIS (Case Status: Case was received).

Will there be any impact to the already filed H4 EAD application which is still pending as my new employer is initiating H1B & H4 transfer for both myself & my spouse respectively ?

I am trying to gather your inputs if there are any chances of getting an RFE on the H4 EAD application which has already been filed with USCIS as H1B holder changed jobs in midst of H4 EAD application pending for approval ?

Do I need to explicitly update USCIS that I (being a H1B holder) is changing the jobs, new employer is filing H1B & H4 transfer and please take that into consideration for H4 EAD approval process ?

Kindly share your thoughts/inputs here.

Thanks in advance.

No. If H4 EAD is still pending after the H4 is approved, send the copy of approved notice to USCIS center processing the EAD.


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Thanks Kalpesh!! Appreciate your inputs. This helps a lot.