Change of employer

I have a job offer from a reputed employer. Wanted to know what’s a general though of changing employer in the midst of fast moving PD . (I guess 2022 scene would reveal in couple of months ) .My PD is EB2 June 15 if that helps in opinion.
Also position is permanently remote. Can H1B holders work permanently remote?
And which State tax obligation applies if working remote and employee , employer state differs

You may have a better chance with downgrade to EB3 otherwise it’s difficult to guess EB2 2015.

Yes you can as far as your LCA has the address/MSA you will be working from.

The state of your residency for state tax.

Much appreciated @Kalpesh_Dalwadi .

I see. From a reply to your first point, looks like I will have to ask my current employer for the downgrade whenever it would be a good time (Like Say PD in eb3 final action gets current) . Or if I accept offer from a new employer , request them to file GC in EB3 category.

If you start today, it might take over an year to reach the i140 stage.

Thank you @anil_am22 . Did you mean 1 year if I join a new employer or you meant it irrespective of any situation.