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okay. Unemployment dates between Feb 2019 to Stamping date with the H1B approved employer in US and in India will not affect H1B stamping or possible to raise more questions ?

Questions can be raised with respect to anything. I cannot really say.

The onus is on you to prove that you have a valid job offer in US. If you can prove it, you can get the visa.

Be ready to answer any question.

In my I 797 E-copy, I see two approval dates.

  1. In the Top Right side it mentioned has ‘Valid from 09/12/2018 to 01/15/2020’
  2. Bottom Left, under the ‘Detach This Half for Personal Records’, it mentioned ‘VALID FROM 09/12/2018 UNTIL 01/25/2020’.
    Please tell Which one is correct ?

Hi @sd416881

The bottom portion on i797 is usually i94. How did you get the i94 if you were not in US? Are you sure this i797 is genuine?

You have to use the validity dates mentioned on the top.

Thanks for the reply.
Yes. It is genuine I_797 Ecopy. In the page 1 of 2, below ‘Detach This Half for Personal Record’ information like Receipt#, I_94#, Name, Class, Valid from & to and Petitioner are displayed. Page 2 of 2 bottom has VOID below ‘Detach This Half for Personal Records’. Once, I receive the original copy from FOIA, I can verify these details.

I went to stamping on 29 Oct 2019 with the photocopy of the approved I_797 and Petitioner offer letter which was issued on May 2018.

VO didn’t asked original of the I_797 but he asked the client letter and most recent documents to work for the petitioner and the end client.

I’m not able to provide that bcoz my petitioner was refused to send original I797 and relevant documents.

Hence, I was sent with blue slip. This is just for the information. I raised more questions from Mar 2019 in this forum.

Thank you for answering all the questions. For additional information about my case, Please refer my above thread with the name sd416881.

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