Change of place of birth in Indian Passport in USA

I’m in the process of submitting application for re-issue of Indian passport to get my ‘Place of Birth’ amended as it is currently listed incorrectly.
Per passport seva page, I need to submit an affidavit ‘stating the reason for change of birth place’. Does anyone have sample document for this affidavit?

Also, I have a proof (birth certificate) that reflects my correct place of birth because What i have on passport is incorrect . Is birth certificate good enough to get this amended or any other supplement documents required? Any one has done this before?

Thanks in advance

Any thoughts anyone? thanks

I reached out to VFS first about the place of birth amendment, VFS sent me an email to get consulate approval…I posted my query to consulate via pramit…Indian consulate responded that I can apply for passport reissue using the mandatory document of birth certificate… I reached out to VFS again that I got consulate approval, VFS asked me to include the consulate approval email in the packet…I sent the packet to VFS yesterday…I will keep you posted