Change of status from H1B to B2

Hi Anil,

My H1B maxout date is on July16th, due to travel ban to keep legal status my company is applying for B2 visa for change of status from 8th July. Will I still have my 9 days of H1B days left out if i stay in US or it will be considered as completely used if B2 is still in progress.

What has your attorney advised?

Our attorney advising to leave 2 days of H1B for change of status. If change of status requested on 8th july, will i have 9 days of H1B left out or we need an approval from USCIS.

I don’t understand as to what kind of discussion you had with your attorney that you don’t even know what he is doing and what you should expect.

Aren’t your company paying the attorney?

The date you mention on the change of status application as start date will be considered as your start date.

Offcourse, those days will not be counted on H1B if the B2 is approved. Note that you have to stop working after filing B2.

Has your attorney told you this or not?