Changing employer when i94 is expired and H1b extension request is filed

I work for company A (Indian company) for its client in US as a contractor on H1B. Company A has applied for my visa extension just before my i94 validity expired.
Now I have got a good offer from company B who is willing to apply for visa transfer and extension on premium processing. I only need to join after the visa extension request is approved.
1. Is there any risk if I accept the offer with company B for my H1b visa extension approval?
2. In worst case my visa extension request with company B is denied can I still continue with company A?
3. Or is it better to stay with company A till my visa extension request is approved and then look for other opportunities?

Please help me with your recommendations. thanks a lot for all your suggestions in advance.

No risk.


This is up to you to decide. You may pay for PP for your extension with employer A and continue with transfer to B.

Thank you @Kalpesh_Dalwadi for sharing your recommendation. It really helps newbies like me to take a decision.

Will company A any ways get notified by USCIS that company B has applied for a visa transfer and extension for me?

USCIS doesn’t care and do not notify employers about transfers.