Changing home address when i485 is pending

I would like some expert advice on my current situation. My husband and I have filed for EB2 adjustment of status in Oct 2021. Our priority date is current as of Dec 2021 visa bulletin. We also just finished our biometrics.
Now we are thinking of moving from our current apartment to a new one very close to the current one. I know we will have to update our home address with USCIS. Since we just got current, and assuming our application may be processed sooner is it a good idea to move or we should just avoid this to create any delay or even losing GC related documentation like EAD, AP and the GC card itself.

Please share your advice.
Thank you

You almost answered your question :slight_smile: I won’t move if I were you.

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Thank you Kalpesh. :slightly_smiling_face:Our lawyer suggested the same.