Changing job on H1, impact to on going H4 extension and EAD


I am changing job and new company will file my H1 transfer. I already have approved H1 until mid 2024 with my current employer , though my spouse’s H4 is still under process (filed 3 months back). I also filed her H4 EAD at the same time (after receiving the h4 recipt number) and that is also under processing.

I have following question related to my Spouse H4 and H4 EAD

  1. Is it required for me to ask my new employer to file my spouse H4 again? (I checked the forum at some place i received there is no need to file but some place it says it is better to refile as previous employer may revoke H1 which may lead to h4 rejection)
  2. if new employer will file h4 again than do i again need to refile H4 EAD or can i just update new h4 receipt number and my new approved h1 details? or do i need to file fresh h4 ead which means loss of fees which I paid earlier.


Ideally you should file H4 extension along with your H1B change of employer petition.

You may not file a new H4 EAD and wait for any RFE to submit the copy newly approved H-4 & H1B.

Thanks Kalpesh…@anil_am22 bhai, can you also confirm…