Check US Visa Dropbox Eligibility 2023-24 (With App)

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The US Department of State has allowed a 48-month period (of visa expiry) for dropbox eligibility instead of 12 months. There is no end date to this rule at this time. US visa Interview waiver is the term used for the dropbox facility. This means that you can get a US visa stamp without any…


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Hi i have a quick question. we made payment after completing ds 160 to apply for visa stamping to USA. waiting for drop box slots as we are eligible for the same. problem is my son is going to turn 14 by end of aug . I don’t see any chance of getting slots before that what are my next steps? is my family eligibility still valid or any changes i need to make for my son?
please advise me.

The person should be eligible for Dropbox on the date of dropping the documents.

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oh Thank you Anil. Because of the no availability of appointments we are going to land in this situation. We already made the payments and are waiting for the drop box appointments. If we don’t get it before 22nd Aug do I need to redo ds160 for my son and make one more payment?

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Hello, My situation is as below
I am alone qualified for the H1B drop-box (interview waiver) based on the questions asked during the appointment booking as I have a valid B1.
Below are the details regarding my wife and kids. Please let me know if we all 4 are eligible for the DROPBOX option?
Wife: Holds an H1B visa which expired on date as - August 2020, without any annotated : “Clearance received” or “Department authorization”.
KIDS: a Girl child 8 years 6 months old and a boy child 2 years 6months without any old visas.
Myself: holding a valid B1.
Could you please let me know if we all four are eligible for the DROPBOX option?
Thank you

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Hi, Am currently on H4 Visa. h4 visa recent stamping is done in canada never in India (Only F1 was done in India initially). So, could please let me know if i am eligible for dropbox?

Did you check your dropbox eligibility using the app?

Can you advise further on question “My same visa (that I plan to apply for) was denied by US embassy in past (anytime).”?
My situation, My H1B VISA stamping in the year 2008, got 221(g), replied with relevant documentation, and Didn’t receive any reply on that from Embassy or USCIS.
Later in the year 2017, Applied for another H1b with different employer (Went through all the process again , lottery, Petition approval, stamping). It was approved and stamped.and, this is latest VISA stamp on my passport.
In this scenario, What do I need to answer for “My same visa (that I plan to apply for) was denied by US embassy in past (anytime).”?
Thank you

It sounds like your visa was never denied.