Checking case status and next step in perm case

Hi @Anil.Gupta, you seem to be incredibly knowledgeable in this category, I’m hoping you can shed some light and provide your personal opinion, thanks in advance for your time, it’s so appreciated.

I filed my perm case 09/11/2019, from checking your previously provided links, I feel like I am close to (hopefully) receiving approval?!.. 5months and 12 days ago, but who’s counting?!!

Anyhow, what I want to know is

  1. Am I wasting my time checking the foreign labor certification website for updates EVERY. DAY… sometimes twice! To be more clear, will that be updated immediately?

I understand from previous posts on here that my employer will be emailed but have formed this habit of checking for myself- my last case was denied due to both my employer AND immigration lawyer missing communication so I guess I am nervous from that experience.

My current status is analyst review and it changed to that on Nov 24.

  1. What is the immediate next step after (again hopefully) gaining approval? Is it submitting the I-485 or have I got that wrong?
    Thanks so much again!

Hi @babsleigh

DOL used to update PERM case approvals every day till last year but have not shared any update since Oct 2019.

Its better to just wait and do not stress yourself by checking it every day. They usually update the collective data every 3-4 months now.

I am not sure if they will start sharing the daily approvals anytime soon or not.

The next step after PERM approval is i140 filing. If your country’s green card dates are current, then you can file both i140 and i485 together.

Hey @Anil.Gupta,
Thanks so much for your reply.
Another question you may be able to help me with…
Do they process cases in order? I know that seems silly as I would assume they would, but I am seeing cases certified that were submitted 2 weeks after mine approved (I realize that is actually not a whole lot but in visa limbo land, it is!!)
My date submitted is Sep 11 2019, I have been going on the assumption of “any day now” would that be correct?
Thanks again for your time,

Hi @babsleigh

I don’t know what sequence they use to process cases. Some do get approval earlier than others though.