Chef job chance of invitation for Australia invite

hi anil sir i have submitted my eoi with 80 points for chef how long it might take for invitation

Which PR visa have you applied for? 189 or 190 or both?

both visa i am waiting for invitation

Can you share the exact ANZSCO code that you have chosen?

its chef 351311 and how long should i wait for invitation and if i get invitation is it alright to submit my files by myself

The chance of invite looks bleak at this time with 70 points for chef 351311.

You may have a better chance starting July 2019 but i would still advise to try and increase points to at-least 75 to have any realistic chance.

sorry but i already explained to u that i have applied with 80 points and i am currently in 482 visa since feb is it alright to go through skilled point system

Oops my bad. I think i mislead the points.

You can file PR visa as long as you are eligible.

Hi Anil I’ve been following your blog for quite a while now and wanted to ask you a few questions if you don’t mind.
I’m going to apply for a 190 visa in the State of Victoria, Occupation chef, more than 5 years experience, skill assessment cleared, english

with new laws in November state nomination will be valued 15 points and I’ll be currently seating at a total of 70 points.
Do I have good chances or you reccomend to aim for 8 in each band score get 10 extra points and apply with 80 points?
Than you.

Hi @Antonio_Vento

It is better to try the top score in IELTS as states tend to prefer them.
You have good chance of invite but I cannot estimate the time as states do not share any invite data publicly.

Thank you Anil

Best regards