CKGS did not generate any "No change of appearance" form


In their required documents, they are asking for change of appearance as notarized paper.

However, I do not have any change of appearance or signature and I think because of that, application did not generate/print any such paper for me. I am assuming, if I do not have any change of appearance/signature, I do not need to send that paper. Could anyone kindly confirm?


If the change in appearance form is not generated by CKGS application, then you do not need to send it.

I just had a call with CKGS support center.

This is after I had finished all money order payment details and after I finished step 7.
You need to login through Myaccount and at bottom of the page, You will find all those documents.

Attached screenshot is taken from ‘ us / myaccount/’ page (bottom section), if that helps anybody. but it is not letting me post link coz I am new user.


So, you are saying that CKGS checklist is indeed asking you to submit ‘change of appearance form’?

As per my information, they do add it as part of all applications irrespective of what you select at the start. This is because, they assume that your appearance would have changed if you are applying for passport renewal after 10 years.

This may not be the case though if you are applying for address update or adding spouse name when you passport was recently issued.

They did have another checkbox for applicants to check if they want to claim change of appearance. Maybe in that case, there could be another piece of paper. I did not mention any change of appearance, so I had just one paper.

and yes, you do need to submit change of appearance form (at least 1 page notarized) regardless of your claim whether appearance has changed.