Claim Spouse Points - PTE score validity period

Hi @anonymous15 and @v.chow

As per my information, the DOE would change if there is change in points. That’s the fair way and that’s what i expect.

It may be… but, if its true !

Which will bring almost all of us to one DOE - levelling the field and purely bringing points into picture and not DOEs.

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Yes seems unfair for those who are waiting for 10 months and the ones who submitted now, all will be having same DOE. But we can’t do anything apart from wait and watch.

Hello @v.chow @Anil.Gupta. It seems this month they have given more invites around 1000+ as per Iscah.

Also on the debate about change in DOE after 16th Nov, it seems they are not grouping people based on marital status with skilled spouse. See the link below from their website.

Thanks for sharing @anonymous15

I will check and review.

Hello @Anil.Gupta - I just checked the skillselect website and they have granted 1500 - 189 applications with a cut-off of 80 points, which I feel is a good sign :slight_smile:

For my occupation 261112 the cutoff is 20/03/2019 at 80 points. Now that I already have 80 points and DOE of 1st July, possible to get the invite in Nov as per your analysis? It will be 85 post the Nov changes

CC - @v.chow

Wow… 1500

Occupation 2611 seems to be the least preferred for Australia, I believe :slight_smile:

In any case, we are bending towards rejecting Australia’s invite, taking too long to hold on to our lives.

Once we are 100% sure, we are abandoning the thought of migrating, we will withdraw our EOI.

Good Luck with yours !