Claiming Spouse points in a diffferent ANZSCO occupation

Hi Anil, i filed my EOI on 28th October 2018 with 70 points for 189 visa with 2613 occupation
My years of experience is effective from June 2014, will my point score increase to 75 in June 2019?
How soon will i get invite if the points will increase to 75.

if not, can i claim my spouse points? He is working as an HR professional and qualifies for ANZO 132311 (Human Resource Manager)

Also, the catch is that i would be turning 33 on Sep 22 2019. What do u suggest?

Leave end date blank for current employment

You can leave the end date of current employment blank in Australia EOI to claim the work experience after the ACS assessment.
If you leave the end date blank, EOI will automatically add increased points for your work experience as and when it happens.

Spouse Points

You can claim spouse points if your spouse’s job code falls in same occupation list as yours.

You can check Spouse points eligibility here.

Thanks @Anil.Gupta, i have kept the experience end date as ‘Blank’ only, since i cannot claim spouse points, was just curious to know if my assumption of 5 pts being added in July 2019 is true or not as it is clearly mentioned that 5 and above yrs of experience get 10 points.

I think i have clearly answered your question earlier in my response.

Hey @Anil.Gupta, you answered by saying - “As and when it happens” just want to make sure of the ‘+5’ increase in June 2019, otherwise i will lose out 5 pts for age in Sep.
Per ACS, my relevant experince starts from June 2014.

Off-course ‘as and when’ means that whenever your total relevant experience reaches next level of points, EOI will automatically update and add points.

Thank you so much for all you do.

I am 35 and my wife is 31years old. She is a registered Nurse. I am not a Nurse but a Quality Assurance Manager. We are looking at claim my spousal point. Is it possible with my Quality Assurance Manager experience? We currently have 65 points for the point based and 70 for state sponsorship.

Thank you once again.

Hi @LD4

You can check if your spouse is eligible for adding points to your application here.

Hello Anil, thank you for your help. My wife and I are not in the same occupation list. She is a Nurse and I am a Quality Assurance Manager overseas.

Please what do you suggest to do? Thank you.

Hi @LD4
If your spouse is not on the same occupation list as yours, then you cannot claim spouse points.

Thank you so much for this information.

Hi Anil,

I’m going to apply for my skill assessment through ACS in this month. I have completed my Computer engineering and have 9 years of experience. I assume my ANZSCO occupation code is 261313 i.e software engineer.
My concern is how would I add my spouse points. She has done Bachelors in Accountant and Finance and currently working as an accountant in small firm. I have checked in Skill occupation list and there is opening for Accountant. i.e 221111.
Do I need to get her skill assessment along with PTE and how

Hi @Zaheed_Chougule

I have moved your question on this pages as it has already been answered above here.

Hi Anil,

I am planning to apply for PR under ICT Business Analyst subclass 189 or 190.

My spouse is HR Professional with 15+ years of experience , if we get her experience and education assessed from Vetassess for Hr Advisory Role …can i clam 5 points on positive assessment and 7+ ielts score… Role (223111: Human Resource Adviser) is listed for 190 Subclass but is not under MLTSSL or STSOL

pls help in understanding.


Hi @Kumar_2019

You can claim spouse points if your spouse’s job code falls in same occupation list as yours.

You can check Spouse points eligibility here .

As I understand, you may be able to claim points for different job code after November new rule. Job 10 points, English 5 points.

Hi @microhit

There are no different rules that had been shared by Australia Immigration as far as different occupation list is concerned. So, i assume this restriction will still stay.

The English points is an addition that should not have any occupation list criteria though.

I am submitting skilled assessment under “ICT Business Analyst”. 261111 I have 10 years of BA experience.
My spouse worked as Chartered accountant in India for 5 years. to claim positive spouse assessment , what should be the code for my spouse
What should be assessment code for CA under


Hi @sundar.neo

You have to choose the ANZSCO code yourself based on what your wife’s daily job activities are. I cannot suggest anything.

Hi Anil,
Thanks for your email.
I have one more related question my wife is currently working as HR Manager from last 9 years , before that she was working as Business Analyst from 2007 till 2011 , If i apply her ACS assessment as ICT BA what are the chances of positive assessment. Her Education is Bachelor of Arts.

Appreciate if you can advise.