Clarity on grace period start date with Severance Pay days

Does the grace period start on the last day of employment or on the last day of severance? Your article says last day of severance and that was updated on 27 May 2020. However, most of the other articles online say it starts on the last day of employment. Please clarify.

Question 2 -
The same article says that some states like California need to give 60 days notice period. So actually the total days becomes 120 = 60 days by state + 60 days by USCIS. Could you please share the USCIS link or rule number to confirm this.

TIA. You are doing great work. Please keep it up.

Did you read and see the Attorney’s answer that has been shared for ‘Severance’ day counting in H1B 60 day grace here?

It has clear answer to your query.