Client terminated contract while I am in India waiting for 221g status update

Hi Anil,

I was on EVC model. I have been with same client for 5+ years.
My initial H1 and H1-extension has been stating I am working at same client.
From Jan 01, 2020, client company is taken over by client B.
Since I am working at same location, same team and same project, amendment was not filed.

Feb 14: Dropbox, only previous and current I797 H1 approval photocopies were taken.

Mar 3: passport picked up. Issued blue 221g asking to attend interview with
• A copy of petition with all supporting documents as filed with USCIS.
• Copy of employment contract or letter of agreement signed by you and petitioner.
• A copy of contract between US based petitioner and US based client company , stating the timings, terms, and agreement of your project.
• A letter from the personnel department at the US end client company stating that there is vacancy for you.
• Copies of pay slips for last six months.

Mar 5: attended interview at chennai consulate. 221g issued with no more document, passport was returned.
Mar 9: Client B replied verification email.

My visa stamping interview went as normal until visa officer was confused regarding client name.
My H1 extension done in 2019 had client A, I attended visa interview with client B letter head.
I did explain him the situation. Visa officer took client letter and issued 221g with no additional documents.

Since visa stamping was in process, I was approved remote work since 2 weeks.
Today most of temp and contracting positions were terminated, including me.

Currently 221g is in processing and status is still as of Mar 05 (Administrative processing).
My H1 is until Aug 2022. I still have employer, client contract is terminated.

I have requested Client B to support me with documents until visa stamping is complete. (no reply yet).
Are there good chances for 221g to be approved as client verification is complete.
Can I show client B letter at POE incase they are ready to help?

If client B route is not a good choice, what options do I have to get back in US.

Thanks in advance for all the suggestions.

You may have a chance to get approval if client verification has already been completed but there is a huge risk to enter US when you are not going to work with that client.

My suggestion is to find a new client and then file H1B Amendment. Once amendment is approved, then you can enter US safely.

Thank you very much Anil.