Co worker reference letter designation difference between referral letter & employment letter

Hi Anil,
I have a similar kind of problem but it’s with the designation of my colleague who has given statutory declaration.

In the declaration his designation is given as Senior Application Developer which is more commonly referred in the organisation. However when ACS asked for employment letter of my colleague we see that his designation is actually mentioned as “Applications Developer 3” in his employment letter.

Note that my designation is the same as in documents and declaration, there is a difference with the wording in only my colleague’s document. Is this going to be a problem for ACS assessment? Thanks for your input.

Hi @Arunabh_Hejib

I don’t think that this should cause an issue but I cannot say with 100% confidence that ACS will accept it either.

You have to check with ACS for this as they are very strict these days and are giving negative results quite often.

I just thought of updating the outcome of this question. ACS accepted the documents without any communication regarding the mismatch. No issues.

Their response is pretty quick considering the health crisis going on in the world currently!

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