Company is charging Indian income tax on full per diem from US travel

I had travelled to US and we were provided a per diem amount. Our finance guys are considering entire amount as taxable indian income and are not listening to any of our arguments. I have two doubts,

  1. Is there an official government document online that I can take it to them for making my argument stronger
  2. If company still does that, is there a way I can claim the money back while filing IT return ?
  1. The per diem that they are paying you is a business expense for your company. They are not required to pay any tax on it. If they are deducting income tax from your pocket, then you have to submit the bills to claim tax free per diem.
  2. You can’t claim it back from in your IT return unless your company shows it as a business expense.
    They are most probably showing it as your income and hence charging income tax.