Computer network and system engineer - code 263111

Dear Sir,

My name is vivek.

Please guide me. I have 75 points and submitted EOI in Nov’19 for Vic and NSW. But I did not receive any communication until now.

Can you let me know what are my chances to get invitation?

Moreover, my spouse is preparing for PTE to get extra 5 points, too. So with 80 points what are chances?

Chances are low for an invite with 75 points. With current trend, the chances are fair with 85 and good with 90 points.


What would be the chance of invite timeline for computer network and system for 189 VISA with 75 points (10-points in IELTS)

Chances are extremely low with 75 points as per current trend.

Hi Everyone,

I have lodged 190 under Computer Network and Systems Engineer with 95 points. What are the chances of me getting an invite and how long would it take? My VISA is expiring next month, I am looking for other options.

Thank you in advance