Concurrent filing H1B transfer + H4 and H4EAD extension

My current H1b as well as my wife’s H4 and EAD expire on June 30, 2022. I have accepted a new job and will need a H1b transfer. I plan to start the new job in Jan 2022. My wife will be starting her new job in July 2022. If the attorney files for H1b transfer in September 2021, can he:

  1. File the H1B transfer, H4 extension and EAD simultaneously in Sep 2021? OR
  2. Will he have to file the H1B and H4 extension alone in Sep 2021 and file the EAD extension in Jan 2022 (6 months prior to expiry)? OR
  3. Will he have to file H1B in Sept alone and H4 extension and EAD together in Jan 2022?

Thanks for your input!

You can file H4 extension with H1B transfer in September and file EAD in Jan next year using H4 receipt if H4 is still not adjudicated by that time.

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Thank you for the reply. Is filing the EAD early in September allowed or can it only be filed in Jan at the earliest?

Generally EAD renewal application are allowed only within 180 days of expiry. Talk to your lawyer to see if you can apply early.