Consular processing for EB2 Priority Date July 2014 from Canada

I am having EB2 July 2014 PD (India born) and currently working from Canada. I am still working with the same employer who filed my (approved) I140. I would like to know if

  1. I can file for CP from Canada once date is current
  2. Since, I140 has mention for AoS, should I have to inform(how) USCIS for change from AoS to CP?
  3. Is CP open currently as I heard it’s on hold till Dec 2021?

You should be able to file ‘consular processing’ from Canada once your date is current.

The consular processing will depend on whether the US embassy is closed or open.

Thanks Anil for quick response.

Wait- I was also looking into this there is a change that needs to be done in your i 140- post which you can do consular processing from Canada. read your approved i 140 it might state there.