Consulate stamping - H4 Kid alone

We are staying in USA for 5 Years.

Stamped Visa expired but with Valid approved I-797.

We will be visiting India in April.

Son has to go to consulate as after age of 14, his visa needs to be stamped in consulate.

Got Drop box appointment for parents on April 24 while Teen Son got consulate appointment for April 18th.

Question is : his dates are before us and will that be ok? he has valid 797 and so parents. BUT parents don’t have stamped visa. and we will be in India.

Son will most probably get form 221g issued to submit the H1B stamp copies as and when they are available.

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Thanks. Well, then better is reschedule appointments by adding parents as dependents in visa appointment and tag along for in person.
Guess, this will solve the problem … We were trying to have ‘less’ crowd for in person round!.
Thanks again.