Contract signing before start of Greencard processing

hi everyone,
I requested my employer to start my Greencard processing to which they agreed. The HR sent me a contract to sign via DocuSign which states 6 years of continuous employment after date of signing OR 2 years after issuance of GC. Failing which I’m required to pay 100% of Application cost. (Amount not mentioned)

Is this a common practice? I’ve heard there is no thing such as contract or bonded labor in USA.
Some of my friends on the other side didnt have to sign any such contract before their GC processing.

What are the possible solutions here with me, as I don’t want to make such huge commitment. At the max I see 3 years as a better alternative as time required to get I-140 approval from start of GC processing now-a-days take 2-2.5 years and plus 6 months of employment (good will gesture) after i140 approval.


I have not heard of amy such contract. If you want to go ahead with it, negotiate the terms and conditions to at least get them in your favor.