Coronavirus Health Insurance in USA questions & Answers?

Just to add to it - Also check your state’s guidelines.

For example, according to MA’s division of insurance guidelines, all health insurers in MA have to cover the full cost of testing, counseling, treatment, and vaccination-related to covid19. Copays and deductibles will not apply.

So please check your state guidelines as well.

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Thank you very much for this wonderful post, I was just about to share a NY times article in this regard.

Medical costs are a very prominent cause of personal bankruptcy in this country.

Please please take a minute to look at the details of your health insurance and ensure all your family members are covered too.

Check what kind of co-pays, deductibles and upper limits you have. Check which are your in-network and out of network providers, and what is the cost if you go to an out of network provider.

To give you perspective, an ICU admission costs 4000-5000$ per day, if you are intubated the costs rise to 10,000-20,000$ per day. If you are terribly unlucky you may need a procedure called ECMO, which can surely bring your cost to the million dollar territory.

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