COS H4-F1 and H4 extension both got approved

Need help understanding priorities.

COS Approved from 08/20/2021 to DS in “April-21”
H4 ext approved from 02/26/2021 to 04/30/2023 in “Sep-21”

Even though I applied for withdrawal of H4 extension after COS approval. They approved it.
Do I need to take any action now?
Is my F1 status still valid?

Your status is still F1 as your F1 start date is 08/20/2021 which is after the start date of H4 which is 02/26/2021, doesn’t matter when the applications were approved.
No action required if you wish to continue on F1 status.


Thank you for your reply. Asking because I applied for SSN recently and they say they still see H4 as my status. Asking me to contact USCIS to update in their database. Does this happen ?

That is weird. You will need to contact USCIS and follow-up.

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