Could not able to upload new documents to existing qualification and experiences

I have previously accessed for ANZSCO code 261313 - Software Engineer. Now I’m in Australia with the nominated skilled visa 482 under the ANZSCO 261312 - Developer Programmer. I would like to apply for PR, and hence suggested to get the skills accessed again under 261312 ANZSCO code.

The problem is when I try to upload original pdfs, to the existing qualification and experiences it gets uploaded, but when I save and continue, the files are disappearing and only old files are present. It works fine with new experiences I add.

Has anyone experienced this. Appreciate your help in solving this.

Contact the ACS support and they will help.

I called them. They asked me to send a email to… I did send. But they responded back saying the waiting period is 30 days. :slightly_smiling_face: