Count age points & skills assessment at time of invitation or at the time of EOI submitted?

If my age points are 25 and my skills is valid at the time of submission EOI but I received invitation after 5 months and my age point reduced and assessment expired.

Does department count age points and skills assessment at the time of invitation or at the time of EOI submitted ?

Everything including age and assessment is calculated on the date of draw and the invite is sent based on the points on the date of draw.

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I’m aiming to take the reference letter form my company now. As of now in the current company I’m completing 3.5 years.
However by the time I submit my application for skill select it’s possible that it I will have competed 4 years of work ex in this company.

So I’m assuming that the work ex will be counted, will be at the time of submission even though my reference letter will be of a previous date.

Kindly help to clarify.

ACS will only count the work experience till the date mentioned on your letter.

But, you can leave the end date of current employment blank in Australia EOI to claim the work experience after the ACS assessment.

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great, thanks so much!

So i’ll get my letter saying from dd/mm/yy date to present so that I can include work ex after that as well.

Hi Anil,
Need your expert advise once more …my DOB is 07 Feb 1979.
if i get invite before 07 Feb 2020…will i be consider in bracket of 33 to 40 years or in last bracket 40 - 45 year.

Age 33 but less than 40 years…|25 Points|

Age at least 40 but less than 45 years…|15 Points|

pls suggest.


Hi @Kumar_2019

I moved your question here as it has already been answered above. Please read.

Your age is counted as 40 until your date of birth that turns is 41.
So, 40 years and 11 months and 29 days will be counted as 40 years and not 41.

Hi Anil,
Thanks for all the info & help.

Please tell me, the age, is this at time of application?
If I am 5 months from going to the next age bracket and it takes 6 months for an invitation/acceptance will that count against me?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Smiddi

Age is calculated at the time of running the draw. Your EOI will also automatically update on the date your age changes.

Hi. I have applied on Feb 6th, with 90 points. My biggest concern is my birthday is on June 11th and I turn 33 then! So if I don’t get the invite by the May round, I will lose 5 points in the June round, correct?

Hi @Daryl_Peris

Yes, you would lose points if your age takes you to next age point slab.

Thanks a lot @Anil.Gupta So I really need to hope my invite comes before the June round.