Covid Impact to Medical Examination for 189 Visa

Hi @Anil.Gupta

I submitted the visa application and paid the fees. I then generated the HAP ID for the medical examination. The generated letter has a box to paste the photo.

  1. Do we need to paste photos of everyone in the family in the respective letters before taking it to the medical center?
  2. We called the only authorized medical center in Dallas and they are not doing immigration related medical exams now due to the Coronavirus situation. They asked to call back in 3 weeks (last week of April). But few minutes later Dallas county where this is located announced “shelter in place” till end of May. I am wondering if there is a deadline by which we should have this medical exam done after submitting the visa application. Do we need to request an extension with Australian immigration or something?

Thanks a lot in advance!

You can wait at this time. Normally, the application is not picked up for processing by Australian immigration for about 2-3 months anyway (as per my opinion).

Australian immigration is also seeing extended processing times due to Coronavirus.

You can go and do the medical as and when the clinic is open in Dallas. I do not see any issue.

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What about the generated letter? Do we need to paste photo on it and take it for the exam?

Photo will be clicked by the Doctor’s office and they will paste it themselves.