Credit score H1b

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I am Rama Krishna, I was on H1b from April 2016 to May 2018 I came back to India while my extension was in progress and it got denied later, however I have debt on 45k on credit cards and now I see all my accounts are charged off. Now I am planning to apply for H1b transfer. What are the chances of getting rejected in VISA Interview based on Credit score and delinquent accounts. Also before that Do I even have a chance to get my petition approved as its been 4 years that I left USA, but I also come under CAP exempt.

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You may be subject to the public charge inadmissibility based on credit score and charge-offs.

There is no time limit to reclaim unused H1B time.

I know many people who give the advice of maxing out their cards when someone has to leave the US for good and then never pay it.

That’s absolutely bad advice and if one does it, you are closing many doors for future.

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Thank you Kalpesh,

Do they check the Score while issuing I797 or during the interview?

I knew it but at times , I took bad decisions. So do you mean my doors are shut forever and no other way to sort this thing out?