Current H1B Processing Time Questions & Answers

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Hi Anil,
My employer applied for my first time H1-b visa last year. In November they sent RFE and my employer said they have replied to it and they have done through premium processing on January 6th, 2020. But if I open the case number on USCIS website it still says the RFE was sent on Nov,13th 2019.( it doesn’t show RFE was received)
When I ask my employer they say the premium processing payment has not yet deducted.
Can you please share your experience of what is happening ? If they have put in premium processing it should come up in 15 days correct ?

Hi @Sandeep_Karne

Most probably, your employer has not filed for premium upgrade at all. We have not heard of any case where premium stays pending for more than 15 days.

Hi Anil

For my H1B,I got RFE in October and got RFE response submission receipt on September 24th from California centre.

It’s almost 130 days over and I didn’t got any response from USCIS. Any idea by when I can expect a response.

Thanks in advance for your help


Hi @asit_dash

RFE response from California is taking 100+ days these days. You should be able to get result soon.

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Hi Anil,
I have submitted an application for H1B transfer from one academic institute to another in May under non-cap H1b. I was requested RFE due to a lack of the latest payslip. The RFE was received at USCIS on 16th June. I wanted to know how long it might take to get the response? Also, is it possible to expedite the application by filing premium processing? I am confused because RFE is already being received by USCIS. I have joined my new employer now under pending petition.

There is no fixed timeframe for regular applications.

You can upgrade your application to premium.

Thank you for responding to my query! It was very helpful.

Hi Anil,

I got an RFE for my H1B for current Year on september 7th and we replied 10 days ago. The case status changed to Document was mailed. Not sure what does this mean. I did ask my Employer. He told he will get in touch with the Attorney. Would be great if you can let me explain what does this mean?. Also, can you let me know if anyone got a similar case status. really appreciate your help Anil.


we traveled back to USA recently and visa stamped until 31-Dec-2020 only. before go to india applied H1 extension alone(not applied H4 extension for dependents ) and its got approved until 31-Dec-2021. at POE officer checked latest 797A and given I94 until 31-Dec-2021 for me and dependents also and said not required to apply extension. So for dependents visa stamped until 31-Dec-2020 and I 94 valid next year end. do i need to apply H4 extension for dependents or not required? (they don’t have valid 797 after 31-dec 2020)

Extension is not required until i94 expiry date.