Current H1B Processing Time Questions & Answers

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Hi Anil,

Question for you, I am waitin for my H1B transfer (regular processing) to a new employer.

Paperwork was submitted during mid Jan 2019 to California center. I received a receipt number for the case.
My case was issued a RFE on Feb 25th. RFE response was mailed back to the administration in second week of April 2019, without Premium processing.

would you be able to advise on the timeline?

Thank you.

Hi Anil,
I got receipt number on April 10 2019 from Nebraska center. I am checking the status on processing time lines. I got confused on USCIS Service Request Date and Approved Case Receipt Date, My Receipt number is started at LIN19145XXXX. Please could you reply me.


Hi @mura_bee
RFE response time is average of 70 days at this time.

Hi @Lavanya_Kumari
USCIS Service Request Date is the date provided by USCIS. You can call USCIS and raise a service request if your case is still pending with receipt date earlier than this date.

Approved Case Receipt Date - This is the most recent case that our service has found to have been approved as reported by users on various forums.

Thank you.Anil, by any guess/idea when can i expect the result , the case was filed on normal processing and received the receipt number on April 10th 2019.

Hi @Lavanya_Kumari
You can expect your H1B approval by July 2019 first week end.

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@Anil.Gupta and others, can someone please help understand the current timeline for receipt number generation once and application for H1b transfer is submitted? Is it taking long these days or 3-5 days as usual?
Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi @vg100
It is taking about 4-30 days to get H1B receipt if filed in regular processing.

Premium processing gets receipt number within 1 day.

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Got it! Thanks @Anil.Gupta!

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Hi Anil,
My receipt date for H1 extension is 2/15/2019 with NE processing centre and still have not heard back.
Now your page say they are processing 15 Apr, 19. How is that possible? Is that date for premium cases?

When should I expect to hear back?

Hi @Amankul

Our page shows the best case approval date (most recent). It does not mean that all prior cases have been approved.

All cases shown are regular processing and not premium.

Hi Anil,
My lawyer have submitted H1B extension on 5th March at Nebraska and case number starts with LIN1911650***. How close I am for the decision ?

I will be highly thankful if you can answer as u have vast experience and stats in this field.

Hi @Arunava_Datta

You can expect your H1B extension approval by June 1st week end as per my estimation.

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Thanks Anil.

My understanding was USCIS processes cases in order they receive.

Hi @Amankul
As per my understanding, USCIS assigns cases to their case officers and then work on them as per their individual work load.

Some case officers may process faster than others.


My extension was filed for Nebraska center and receipt date is 19th Feb-2019 with the current employer and since my initial approval notice i never travelled and hence stamping was not done due to non-availablity of client invite and other reasons, however my case is still pending as on date.
It is almost 100 days without any update, any idea when I will get the feedback?

Shankar Ganesh

Hi @Shankar
You can expect your H1B extention approval anytime now. You are pretty close to other applications that are being approved.

Hi Anil,
My H1B Extension was filed on Oct 10th, 2018 At Nebraska. But, I have not received any update so far. As per the site, it shows that the processing date is Oct 17th. When can I expect an approval?Thank you.

Hi @cpn
You should raise a USCIS service request to know the status of your case.