Current H4 EAD - COS - H1 - EAD will still be valid If choose to change back to H4

Hello Anil,

Can you help me with this query ?

My wife is currently on H4 EAD (Im on H1 - valid till Sep 2021). Her employer filed her Labour and got her 140 approved recently. She is considering switching back to her old H1 (She was maxing out with a month left and hence switched to H4 and applied EAD).

In case she changes to H1 and Travels to India, she cannot do stamping on her new H1.
But will she be able to enter the country with her H4 (She got stamped last year and valid till Sep 2021) ?

In case of entering with H4, will she be able to use her EAD card again and continue to work ?

She will only travel in case of an emergency. But we are wondering if this is the right time to change back to H1 ?

ANy help is much appreciated


EAD card stays valid but can only be used if status on most recent i94 shows as H4.