Current Manager not ready to sign for old roles, position worked in same company

Hi Anil,

I am in process to apply for vetasses skill assessment. i have 13 yrs of exp with my current company with 1 yr gap in between.

My current manager is not willing to issue me a letter on company letter head stating my duties, since i have held 4 positions in 13 yrs & worked under various managers & as the letter will include the details of all positions, he says he caynt validate previous duties description on their behalf.

Most of my previous managers have left the company.

Please advise what can be done in this case.
I have been told that vetasses has stopped taking colleague ref letter for indian candidates, so does this leave me with any choice?

You can just write your current designation on the letter and same roles and responsibilities for your full tenure if your employer is okay with it.

Or there has to be a way by which HR can write each role that you have performed on company letter head. This is perfectly legal as HR would have the job description that they write on job sites for the position you have held.

There is no need for manager signature if HR can sign the letter.

Thank You, for the response Anil. I checked with HR, the process can only be initiated by manager & only he can sign it, while HR will just print the letter.

Your first point, even if the HR agrees to write current designation & same roles and responsibilities for full tenure, i am not sure if that will work as vetasses clearly asks for all documents of various positions held, ex-my last stint will show diff designation, so they will ask R&R letter for that. Hence, at that point my letter will be redundant. However, that’s my understanding, open to suggestions!!

Worst case scenario, does colleague ref letter works for indian candidature? Has anyone recently used the same?

can anyone please assist me on this?

Co-worker letter should work if the employer is not ready to give it.

@Anil.Gupta thank you… do you have any blog or format for co-worker letter, will the co-worker need to also submit any sort of proof to validate (ex-salary slip etc)

Here is the sample co-worker letter.