Current PERM Processing Time 2022 (Check Case Status)

How long does it take for DOL to respond to Audit? Mine was filed on Mar-22 & on Nov 16 I got the query for job application evaluation report. Hoping that it is done fast. Does anyone know if it will again take 9 months or there would be priority

Dol website showing dec 2021 file in process for audit and days showing 368

Are you talking about March 2022 file?

yes. Looks like if audit is for company it will take months for audit response by DOL and if audit is for job application details then it would be 3 weeks.

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Got a screen shot from attorney showing current status at analyst review. Also shows filed 1st March and prepared 31st March. I was hoping to see DOL website reflecting Analyst review updated to March…still at February. Dont they normally update end of each month? week 3 into November now but no update…Anyone who filed in march has gotten any update? I was hoping

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looks like now they are updating DOL only if there is any change in progressing to further months. otherwise assume they are still at Feb

Is anyone get approval of march file?