Current PERM Processing Time 2023 (Check Case Status)

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PERM Case Status Check Enter your PERM case number to estimate approval time. You can also check the PERM approvals that are being tracked. Use your PERM ETA case number to check your PERM approval status with this app. The PERM case number starts with the letter ‘A’ to mean the Atlanta service center. Estimate…


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My PD is APR 01, 2022, still pending!!! anyone on same boat?


Mine is April 06th and still pending


I have the same concern our PD is APR20, 2022, still pending the PERM website showed they are almost done with April and May cases!!!

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Mi aplicación es del 24 de abril 22 estoy en espera

My application is filed on 30th June. What is the approximate time of perm approval?


Should get approved by April of 2023

Perm estimation dates are changing unpredictably. Yesterday, for me it was showing 4 APR 23 estimated approval date. Today it is showing 16 Feb 23. What changed?

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My perm still pending filed on March 25th anyone same boat


looks like the companies that had layoffs are withdrawing their PERM applications, causing the dates to move


Same boat Praveen. Not sure why.

I think you are correct

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submitted March 9th and got an audit. It was submitted again on Jan 15th. how long can we expect for an response ?

When can we expact to be this site up. This site is not calculating days now

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I can not see any Check/Estimate after refreshing screen too. Please let me know.

Hi @Ritu_Dubey

It should be working. Can you please try in some other web browser like Microsoft Edge (if not already used).


In morning it was working but now I have tried with different browser but can not see Check/Estimate

Thanks @Ritu_Dubey for sharing. Our team confirmed the issue and has just fixed it.
Please retry (and wait until app updates itself in the background. It takes about 10 seconds to update in the background).

Same shit, filed PERM on Apr, 7th, still pending. Feels like Phil Collins at Groundhog Day.

Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 7.47.03 PM