Current PERM Processing Time 2023 (Check Case Status)

hi. this might have been asked already here but does the excel file show everything?
I mean is it complete?
I am referring to the downloadable excel file from DOL’s Performance Data - PERM FY2022.xlsx


Did you get any update on your case? I’m awaiting result for March as well.

Jul 22, still waiting…

Hola, ami también me enviaron para auditoria, mi solicitud la recibieron en abril 2022. Quisiera saber cual es el tiempo estimado para obtener respuesta.

The latest perm approved shows 6 month 18 days, is that for perm or Pwd? If its pwd, its messing up algorithm. @am22tech_admin.
Thank you!

Thanks for your message. We will get it checked.

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Currently Processing Cases
Jul - Aug, 2022 →
How is that estimated? , DOL website says it was June, 2023 as on 03/09. Does it mean that PERMs are speeding up?

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July hasn’t started yet. All of the July and august approvals are PWD


Did you get any update?

When we can expect PERM applied in Sep2022 gets approved?

in june-2023 only not before that

when July Perm approval will start to receive. Any update

Hi, any update on July Perm approval?

Anyone has idea about PERM audit process. From other forums I learnt that Audit is total random and happens to 1 in 4 cases. So how would you know if Case is picked for Audit or Processing in Normal mode. Is there any timeline like within 6 months of Case Submission you should expect Audit if not you case is not picked for Audit and will be processing in Normal mode.