Current PERM Processing Time - PWD, Audit Case

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I’m confused by your tracking system. I have an audit case ongoing with a prior date of 11/12/19 and have not heard anything yet. How accurate are your dates shown and updated several times a date. Are they from the current day (real time)? If so, how are updates occurring on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) when the Labor Dept isn’t working?

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Hi @Raps

The data is shared by real users on various forums and collected by our service to show on our page.
It is possible that the user shares wrong date.

Our service tries to verify it with its own verification logic to see if the reported case is correct or not.
The service is still new and improving. You may see some glitches though. Thanks for your understanding and patience.


Hi Anil
My H1B visa 6Years max timeout is in October 2019 and my employer has applied for perm on April 1st,2019.

When can I expect the approval?

Once perm gets approved ,My employer is ready to apply for I-140 in premium.

Do you think I can make out without any hassles for the visa extension?
Thank you.

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Hi @raki
You should be able to get your i140 approved before your H1B max out.