Cut-off list from each month's draw

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Where can we see the fresh cut-off list from each month’s draw for Australia PR?

You only can see the invitation rounds data for 189 here:

Most of the States do not usually share their 190 invitation round details except one or two states. You can check in the official websites for each state and refer to that.


I looked at that site before. It shows the minimum score as 65. Is that accurate? We’ve been hearing about cut-offs ranging between 90-100 for most of the professions?

Well, if you did see the min point score as 65, you must have also seen that they haven’t invited any job code from the Pro-Rata list. They have given only 30 (189) invitations last month and I’m sure that is only for job codes related to Healthcare professionals and who are onshore. I saw in one forum where this guy (onshore) who received an invite at 70 points last month for the job code-253917.
Even the states are giving 190 invitations to nurses with 70-75 points who are onshore, so that’s not a surprise.

If you will look at the last few months data, you will see that the min point score has been 90 as they did invite few job codes from the Pro-Rata list.

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