Declaring roles & responsibilities - Technical copy editor


My sister is working as Senior technical consultant & has now 4.4 years of experience after deducting standard 2 years for ACS assessment. After her graduation, she worked for 8 months as Technical copy editor were 10% of the work involved XML related stuffs & rest were related to proof reading, checking of grammatical usage, style of the journals, etc.

While applying for ACS assessment, if she mentions in the roles & responsibilities so that it looks 50% XML & 50% editing duties & get it printed in company letterhead from HR:

Will those 8 months be considered for calculation or will it be considered as misinterpretation because if those 8 months are calculated because that number is crucial as during EOI, if she gained 6 months, she will fall under 5-8 years of experience & can gain +5 points.

Kindly provide your comments for the above query.
Thanks in advance!

You can write whatever you want but unless it can match with the ANZSCO code and has computer related occupation, it won’t be counted.