Delayed I 140 more than 2 years TSC

My EB1 is pending for more than two years. I applied in April 2018 got RFE in Jan 19 .Submit RFE in April 2019. I have created 3 SR but no updates.
Is that a very common situation or I have a unique case. Please advise.

What was the RFE for?

This is not normal.

We have to prove three of the criteria from a long list. They have accepte dthe one and aske dmore proof for other two.

Hi Amit,
Could you please provide some of your thoughts and suggestions please?

I don’t understand what you are saying and don’t have time to keep asking follow up questions.

If you can’t share the details as it seems you want to keep them hidden, it’s better you consult a private attorney.

I cannot blindly suggest anything.