Denials of H1B in Greater Seattle area for salaries less than 120K on rise

A member on our whatsApp group has reported that High number of H1B denials are given in Greater Seattle area for petitions with salaries less than 120K irrespective of wage level.

Indian MNC’s are impacted. Beware.
The person says they have seen 4 cases in 1 week.
One is Project manager and other 3 are developers.

Looks lime less salary is the reason for denial.

We cannot independently verify the claims.

If you know more about it, do share with us below. Have you heard of any H1B denials for low salary?

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Not true. In seattle area with 100k salary, working for Indian consulting company, H1 was just approved.

Hi @Reel_Eskimo

Thanks for sharing. So, it looks like the person who reported it may have seen some denials in his company probably due to some other reason.